LETTER: Don't take step backward in Hellam Twp.

York Dispatch

May 19 is a critical primary election for Hellam Township.

We have worked long and hard to create a township that is what most residents want. And it is being done without tax increases. We cannot lose it now by not voting.

If you love Hellam Township, vote for Michael Martin, Stephen Wolf and Bill Sprenkle.

We were unhappy with how our township was envisioned by the previous supervisors — one of whom is running again — and he was soundly defeated. We must now reject him and his slate before their "fresh" ideas have the chance to ruin what we love.

Let us go forward, not take a step backward. This primary election will decide our township supervisors for the years ahead. Our township needs you.

You must vote on May 19 for Michael Martin, Stephen Wolf and Bill Sprenkle to continue our Smart Growth.


Hellam Twp.