LETTER: Vote McBride for district judge

York Dispatch

Residents of Spring Garden Township, North York and West York:

Blake McBride is running for magisterial district judge (19-2-05). I have worked closely with Blake for seven years in his work in the downtown district and can, without reservation, assure all voters that a person of higher integrity, honesty, morality and dedication to public service would be difficult to find. He has presented thousands of cases to district courts over the course of his 30-year career. He is the most qualified candidate for this position.

Equally important, his service requires him to make many judgments on a daily basis regarding individual behavior, balancing between counseling and enforcement of the law. In this role he has gained the respect of all the businesses of the downtown district.

Without reservation I can say that he will bring this same attention and passion as a magisterial district judge.