LETTER: Strong support for Slenker from peers

York Dispatch

We have known and practiced law with Neil Slenker for over 20 years. During that time, Neil has shown outstanding qualities as a lawyer. He has also demonstrated attributes of character, integrity and temperament that are so vital to the position of a judge.

During Neil's time at Stock and Leader, he has chaired our litigation practice, which oversees a wide range of cases involving businesses, municipalities, real estate, family law and estates. As chair, Neil has provided insights and recommendations to other attorneys in the office and has earned our respect for his legal analysis.

In addition to those duties and handling his own cases in state and federal courts, Neil has also served as our ethics counsel. In this role, Neil has shown an unfailing dedication to the highest standards of legal practice. Neil was selected for this role by the other partners because of our trust in his character, integrity and judgment.

While we will regret Neil leaving our firm if he is elected to the bench, we wholeheartedly endorse him and support his desire to serve the public in the role of judge.