LETTER: Remarkable outreach from Smart Growth candidates

York Dispatch

As a supporter of the Smart Growth candidates for Hellam Township supervisors — Michael Martin, Stephen Wolf and Bill Sprenkle — I would encourage voters who use Facebook to visit the "Hellam Township Citizens for Smart Growth" page. Here one can find factual information about the term "Smart Growth" and gain a better understanding of how these principles are used in guiding responsible municipal planning. Our Smart Growth supervisors try to adhere to these strategies, and you can see how they have played out in our township. Under their leadership, our township has thrived while still keeping its unique rural character.

As far as communications go, it was Smart Growth supervisors who initiated both the township website and regularly mailed newsletter. A Facebook page is also being developed. In my experience, township meetings are always open and citizens' comments are very courteously received and considered. In addition, the Smart Growth candidates have an email account,, where citizens can pose their questions directly and the candidates will respond. I think this outreach is pretty remarkable, and I urge township residents to vote on May 19 for Martin, Wolf and Sprenkle.


Hellam Twp.