LETTER: Keuerleber a partner to courts

York Dispatch

Throughout my terms as York County's Clerk of Courts, my staff and I have the made collection of costs, fines and restitution from criminal defendants a top priority. One of our key partners in the success of our collections efforts is Sheriff Rich Keuerleber.

Year-to-date the, Sheriff's Department has served 142 warrants on those defendants who failed to appear for their cost contempt hearing before Judge Kennedy, collecting $39,034.80 in "bail" or balloon/purge payments paid by the defendants toward their overdue amount to avoid incarceration at York County Prison.

Sheriff Keuerleber has also been an advocate for taxpayers and crime victims in his capacity as a member of the York County Prison Board, where he has sought the fair consideration and implementation of the $25 processing fee paid by York County Prison inmates to be applied to their costs, fines and restitution owed. In the few months the fee was in effect over $40,000 was collected.

Sheriff Rich Keuerleber has been a critical partner in the success of these and many other initiatives to improve collections and overall efficiency in York County's judicial system. Please join me in voting for the re-election of Sheriff Rich Keuerleber.


Clerk of Courts

York County