LETTER: Carefully consider your votes

York Dispatch

In the late 1990s, Phil Smith, currently running again for Hellam Township supervisor, led a pro-development majority of supervisors supporting a sewer line extension that would have run from Hellam to Wrightsville.

The sewer line would have been paid for by Hellam Township residents through forced hook-up fees and higher taxes. The sole beneficiaries would have been the developers and land owners. Much of Hellam Township's rural character would have been lost.

Within a few short years, Phil Smith, Paul Dellinger, Richard Cloney were voted out of office and replaced with Smart Growth candidates who allowed controlled development to take place outside the towns Hellam and Wrightsville. Sewer line extensions were paid for by developers and the tax base was significantly improved with business development along the Route 30 corridor.

This smart growth saves tax dollars and ensures the rural integrity within the heart of our township. Hellam Township residents, consider your vote carefully. On May 19, I'm voting for Mike Martin, Stephen Wolf and Bill Sprenkle.


Hellam Twp.