LETTER: All you need is Love

York Dispatch

This letter is to all of the voters of Dover Township. I am endorsing Monica Love for the office of township supervisor. When I talk about Monica, I use the terminology K.E.D. (knowledge, experience and dedication).

Monica has knowledge of the Second Class Township Code, municipal ordinances and since she is born and raised in Dover, she is very familiar with the needs and requirements of all residents and entities of the township.

Monica has been a supervisor for the past 5 1/2 years, a member of the planning commission since 2005 and an employee of municipal government for nine years. She works and serves people every day, so that everyone can enjoy their quality of life wherever they reside.

I have personally served with Monica on both the board of supervisors and planning commission, and I can honestly state the Monica is truly dedicated in her decision-making in helping everyone resolve their concerns.

For the Republicans of Dover Township, please strongly consider voting for Monica Love as your supervisor in the May 19 primary election. And for the Democrats, please consider Monica Love as your write-in candidate.


Dover Twp.