York City Police seek man for question in woman's stabbing death

LETTER: Want answers from current Hellam Twp. board

York Dispatch

As a taxpayer of Hellam Township I have a few questions to the current board of supervisors.

Why are we the only township fighting a proposed soybean plant outside our township when the state and federal governments are already involved? Why are we the only municipality to pay an outside consultant money to fight the plant when our roads are in need of repair? Why did the board authorize the consultant without public notice and comment?

I have read your minutes and find it confusing that you call yourselves fiscally conservative when you spend money unwisely. Maybe you can explain to me why we own a Chevy Camaro for our police department when our other police vehicles are capable of providing service?

If the board is committed to open communication, what outreach has the board done for residents who work second and third shifts and cannot attend public meetings?

Hellam Township has been the first for many things. The first action that needs happen is to vote out Mike Martin and Steve Wolf. Vote for David Miller, Riki Potosky and Phil Smith on May 19.


Hellam Twp.