LETTER: Vote for the A Team

York Dispatch

This is not one of those letters urging you to vote for a buddy because in middle school he had slightly better than average personal hygiene.

This is a letter urging you to consider a team approach for your county commissioners. To run a $400 million enterprise, taxpayers should expect proven management ability, common political sense, and the kind of conservative fiscal management mindsets that York countians hold dear.

Kelly Henshaw, experienced small businessman who also has long demonstrated political management abilities on Red Lion's council, would be a key addition to the team.

Chris Reilly, no better proven watchdog of the public purse, deserves to retain his commissioner's seat.

Doug Hoke, Democrat, must have a genetic connection to the Energizer bunny. No one works harder, pays more attention to detail, and shows the commission's flag more around the county. He also deserves retention.

While York County management has unarguably been one of the few political bright spots in recent years, the above experienced commissioner A-Team combo will keep it forward looking and also mindful of its past traditions. Do your voting homework, support these proven three, and avoid the inexperience of the spendthrift fringe.


York Twp.