Letter: Vote for Clancy for district judge

York Dispatch


Vote for Clancy

I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Jennifer JP Clancy for the office of magisterial district judge in the May 19 primary election.

As a longtime public school band director, I have had the privilege to observe Mrs. Clancy in her roles as parent, music booster, and a longtime school board member. In every situation I have found Mrs. Clancy to be extremely intelligent, logical and just. I believe her long experience as a school board director has been a great indicator on how she would bring great decision making skills to the position.

In her role as a parent she has done a great job in promoting family values to her children and the importance of education. In addition, she is the only candidate with a law degree, which logically seems to be instrumental to the position of magisterial district judge. I urge you to vote for Jennifer JP Clancy for district judge.