Letter: Slenker a proven leader

York Dispatch


Slenker for judge

"Life-long York countian. Susquehannock High School valedictorian. Graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and The Dickinson School of Law. Practicing attorney. Highly rated by the Bar Association. Strong work ethic. Highly respected throughout the community. Faith, family, friends." These are words and phrases that define Neil Slenker.

I've known Neil for many years. I've trusted him to coach my son. I've sought his counsel and referred friends and family to him for legal advice. He will be a judge who, in applying the law, will find the balance between justice and mercy. Valuing accountability, Neil will be discerning in his decisions.

Neil Slenker is experienced, trusted, dedicated and highly rated. He is a proven leader with the strength of character to be a judge of distinction.

Please vote "Slenker for Judge" on May 19.