Letter: Ethic, experience set Comery apart

York Dispatch


Ethic, experience sets Comery apart

Common Pleas Court judges perform one of the most important jobs in our community. We need judges who are hard-working, experienced and committed to justice.

What sets Karen Comery apart from the other candidates is her untiring work ethic coupled with her courtroom experience. She is the only candidate running who practices criminal and family law.

As a former prosecutor, she helped put away some of York County's worst killers. Besides this determination and passion, Karen has compassion. She sat with and comforted their victims.

A strong supporter of veterans, law enforcement officers and abused women, Karen was the only woman to serve as the primary legal advisor for the York County Quick Response Team and Drug Task Force.

Karen wants to continue to serve the people of York County, where she went to school and church and still participates in fund-raising events. As a judge, she will be forceful, resourceful and fair, holding herself to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct that have guided her life.

Please join me in voting for her May 19.


Springettsbury Twp.