York City Council passes amended residency requirement, CROWN Act

LETTER: Smart Growth candidates have my vote

York Dispatch

Hellam Township's Smart Growth supervisors demonstrate commitment to keeping taxes low and preserving the rural character of the township by directing growth to areas served by existing infrastructure.

With no tax increase in 12 years, they maintain a substantial reserve for the township. They've constructed a public works and emergency operations building; supported nonprofits, including the Hellam Recreation Commission, Kreutz Creek Library and Horn Farm Center; and facilitated methods for providing unsurpassed police, fire and emergency services.

Respect and dedication to the residents of Hellam Township is evident in meetings where residents are encouraged to participate and bring concerns — a refreshing change from our previous administration.

These leaders are fighting the use of hexane in a Perdue soybean processing plant planned for nearby. This neurotoxin would further pollute our air, graded "F" by the American Lung Association. I'm disturbed by comments that others who want to lead this township think this is a waste of money. I can't think of anything more important for township leaders to do than protect the residents they serve.

I am confident in Mike Martin, Steve Wolf and Bill Sprenkle. They have my vote.


Hellam Twp.