LETTER: Protect Hellam Twp.'s character

York Dispatch

I urge all Hellam Township Republican voters to join me in voting for Michael Martin, Stephen Wolf and Bill Sprenkle for supervisors on May 19. These Smart Growth candidates understand how to guide growth in the township in a way that keeps taxes down and preserves farmland while still allowing for new businesses and jobs.

Don't be fooled by the campaign rhetoric of the opposition. Many of what they call "overbearing ordinances" are necessitated by state mandates for control of damaging storm water and pollution, and others were enacted to protect not only individual property owners' rights, but also the rights of neighbors and the community.

As experienced supervisors, Martin and Wolf have always been open to new ideas and suggestions from residents for appropriate revisions and improvements to local ordinances. I know this because I regularly attend township meetings and see them in action. They, along with Bill Sprenkle, are proven leaders dedicated to a high level of township road, fire, ambulance, police and recreation services delivered with courteous, compassionate interaction with all residents.

Protect Hellam Township's unique and enviable rural character. Vote for all three Smart Growth-endorsed candidates on May 19.


Hellam Twp.