LETTER: A vote for good government

York Dispatch

For 17 years I served as a supervisor in Springfield Township, a period I found to be thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable. I have long been a supporter of local government, and I see in Springfield Township how elected and appointed officials can transact the people's business harmoniously and effectively. This has been accomplished cost-effectively with one of the lowest property tax rates in the county.

I am not a candidate, but I would like to recommend for your consideration Adam Sweitzer in the Republican primary. I am always happy when young, idealistic candidates step forward to serve in local government, and I feel Adam has all the qualities that will enable him to serve all the people of the township. He comes from a tradition of community service and has the character and values that will serve the people well.

A vote for Adam Sweitzer in the Republican primary will be a vote for good government.


York Twp.