LETTER: Four York City candidates who deserve votes

York Dispatch

On Tuesday, May 19, I urge city voters to join me in voting for:

•Sandie Walker for York City Council. Sandie has devoted her life to helping all city residents, particularly the homeless, veterans and young people. Sandie worked with her dad since about the time she could walk and talk, assisting veterans and the poor through York's Helping Hand for the Homeless. She served youth on the school board and as a youth program coordinator. Sandie truly cares for the city.

•James Morgan for magesterial district justice. James has the knowledge to do the job. I have known James since he became a city police officer more than 30 years ago. He knows the streets and the problems facing the city thanks to that service and his work with the state Attorney General's Office, on the school board and as a volunteer. He will hold criminals accountable, but always treat residents fairly.

•Karen Comery for York County judge. Karen as experience in the courtroom and understands the community. I met Karen when she worked as an assistant district attorney. She did an outstanding job then and will do so as judge.

•Mark Werner as a write-in for treasurer.


York City