LETTER: Elect judges who can serve full terms

York Dispatch

To be an informed voter in York County, it is important to know the facts about the candidates. I have recently learned that candidate for judge of the Court Common Pleas, Chris Menges

will not be able to serve the full 10-year term if he is elected to the bench.

According to his own resume, he was born in 1951. If elected, he would be 65 years old when we takes the oath of office. Currently, the mandatory retirement age for a judge is 70.

We need to elect candidates who are able to serve the full 10-year term.

It is a waste of taxpayer money to elect someone who clearly is unable to fulfill their term. When he is forced to retire at the age of 70, we will be left with yet another empty seat, waiting for the next election.

This is unnecessary and a waste of time and money and will further cause a case back-load in the court system.

On May 19, please be an informed voter and vote for candidates who are able to serve the full term.


East Manchester Twp.