LETTER: Menges has what it takes for judge

York Dispatch

I believe Chris Menges would make an excellent judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Having known Chris for 45 years, I can speak for his character and legal experience.

Chris is intelligent, energetic and wise. He's been married 44 years to Christine Menges, and is a terrific father to his three children and four grandchildren.

Chris was a York County assistant DA and currently is a senior partner at Trinity Law, A Menges & McLaughlin in York.

With 38 years experience, he has what's needed to be a judge. He's taught paralegal courses at York College and Penn State and currently teaches at Lancaster Bible College.

He's a former chair for Bell Socialization Services, and currently chairman of the board for the York Rescue Mission. He's a member of the advisory board for Human Life Services, a member of the Board of Elders for Providence Presbyterian Church in York, and a board member of Katallasso Family Health Center.

He has experience in criminal law, civil law and family law. Chris has been our lawyer since the 1970s and has always handled our needs professionally. Please vote on May 19 for Chris Menges.


York Twp.