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LETTER: Tell lawmakers to support HB/SB 76

York Dispatch

House Bill 860 has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House as a bill that would increase income and sales tax to offset property taxes. This bill and Gov. Wolf's plan are similar in that they offer property tax relief instead of property tax elimination, which most home owners crave.

There is a good possibility that Senate Bill 76 will pass out of the Senate. Our local legislators need to be out in front if this bill. Sen. Scott Wagner is a leader in support of SB76. This is the legislation that property owners want.

HB860 and Gov. Wolf's plan presents a Band-Aid approach to property tax reform. We request eradication, not a remedy.

Call and write your local legislators and tell them you want HB/SB76 legislated into law. And don't let Stan Saylor tell you that it will never pass the House. Once it gets out of the Senate, there will be enormous pressure on the House to enact it.

It is up to all property owners to get involved in the process, and challenge our local legislators to advance HB/SB76 and once and for all obliterate this regressive tax.


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