Teens to remain in adult prison as part of homicide cases

LETTER: Slenker 'highly committed'

York Dispatch

We are writing to offer our strong support of Neil Slenker for judge of York County Court of Common Pleas.

Neil's professional reputation and qualifications to be judge have been highly publicized over the past few weeks by his peers and endorsements by professional organizations such as the York City and York County FOP.

We know Neil as a highly committed family man; he's the guy that you want to coach your children or the neighbor that will help you to clean up your streets. Neil and his wife, Linda, have managed to find the work/family/community balance that is so challenging in today's society.

The "scales of justice" are a common symbol of our judicial system that represents the importance of striking a balance between support or opposition in any case. We are confident that Neil will thoughtfully balance his decisions in each case to reach a fair conclusion, just as he thoughtfully balances important decisions related to his work and family now.

Neil's work ethic and commitment to York are exemplary, and we strongly encourage you to vote Neil Slenker for judge of York County Court of Common Pleas.


Spring Garden Twp.