Children often have a unique ability to zero in and express a thoughtful opinion in simple, uncomplicated terms. This was certainly the case when I told my children that our close family friend, Neil Slenker, had decided to serve our community and run for York County judge.

"That's great," said our 13-year-old son. "He's a really good guy, and a great baseball coach."

Voting for Neil is simple. It's a simple decision to vote for someone with impeccable ethical standards, who is hard-working, well-respected, thoughtful and smart. Those are critical qualifications to be a judge.

But what my family knows best about Neil – from the years we've known him as a close friend and as a dad, is his compassion and caring for people. We know his commitment to have a positive influence on boys' lives while coaching baseball – well beyond how well they execute a swing at the plate or a throw into home.

York County needs a person like Neil Slenker on the bench. Please join my husband and me in voting for Neil in the May 19 primary election.


Spring Garden Twp.

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