Peach Bottom emergency warning system test planned June 1

LETTER: York County Prison's immigration detainees well-treated

York Dispatch

Many people in this area do not know that the York County Prison is one of the largest immigration holding centers in the United States. Over 400 beds are reserved for undocumented immigrants who are waiting for their cases to be decided, either to grant them asylum or to deport them. Unfortunately, they are usually deported to the countries from which they had fled.

I have taught English as a Second Language in the prison to some of these prisoners. They are truly grateful for the help, and I have always felt safe and respected in the prison classroom. The education programs and staff are impressive and have warmly welcomed volunteer ESL tutors. My husband, whose previous employment had taken him to the prison for many years, confirms my impressions — that the prisoners are well-treated and that the prison is well-run.

While I oppose our government's policy of mass deportation of people who have done exactly what most of our forbears did — came to a land of opportunity with hope and a strong work ethic — I recognize and am glad that these men and women are treated well.