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LETTER: North York Easter egg hunt a well-run affair

York Dispatch

On behalf of our family, thank you to North York and all local organizations for hosting this year's round of Easter Egg hunts.

These traditions are an exciting time for youngsters. As parents, it's delightful to see the glimmer of excitement in the eyes of a child seeking one of the prized eggs.

While I cannot speak to other events, the Easter egg hunt in North York was a well-run affair. Although the borough has suffered through its share of bad news over the past year, the administration within the borough is making steps to correct past errors and introduce improvements. The Easter egg hunt is an example of this progress. It helps to create a sense of community within the borough and in all areas that host similar events.

Kudos to the borough council and the borough's recreation committee for its efforts. Our children, like their counterparts throughout York County, look forward to next year.


North York