LETTER: Vote Clancy for DJ

York Dispatch

I have been professionally acquainted with Jennifer J.P. Clancy for over 25 years. I first met Jennifer at Penn State Law School, where her thorough research skills and meticulous work ethic earned her awards and distinguished her from her classmates. I have also had the privilege of practicing law in York County with Jennifer since we both graduated from law school in the early 1990s.

Jennifer exhibits numerous attributes befitting a Magisterial District Judge. First, her work ethic is consistent and focused. She is also open-minded and objective. Finally, she is even-tempered and well-reasoned. In short, Jennifer J.P. Clancy would be an ideal Magisterial District Judge.

So please consider joining me in casting a vote in the May 19 primary for Jennifer J.P. Clancy, candidate for Magisterial District Judge seat 19-2-05 for Spring Garden Township, West York and North York.


Spring Garden Twp.