LETTER: PUC should think of customers

York Dispatch

We see in the newspapers that Columbia Gas seeks to raise rates once again. Three times in three years. Each time the company gets its raises through the Public Utility Commission.

You might wonder if the PUC represents the 101,000 customers in York County. A very similar synopsis occurred when living in Half Moon Bay, California. This community is on the coast. The commissioners for the county live over the other side of the mountain from the coast. Yet these commissioners were deciding for the residents of Half Moon Bay to put in a major low-income housing development. "As long as it isn't in my neighborhood" was the thought. There was so much negative feedback from the residents that the development never happened.

We need negative feedback from this community. As long as these utilities keep showing extremely positive net incomes, high salaries and always providing a dividend for their shareholders, why is it necessary to fund their extravaganzas?

The water company is the same, always providing a dividend and buying up additional companies, which provide even more additional revenue. Electric companies see the trend and keep requesting increases on a yearly basis.

It's the low- and middle-income customers that get hurt the most, with their "only" $8 or $9 a month increases.

Come on PUC. Let's think of the customers and take all factors into account.


Mount Wolf