Thank you, Vladimir, for making 'NATO great again'

  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been, by most measures, an abject failure.
  • Vladimir Putin's vaunted military has failed to achieve his major objectives.
  • The invasion, however, has helped to strengthen the ties between America and its western allies.
  • Retired Gen. David Petraeus says the invasion has helped to make "NATO great again."
Retired Gen. David Petraeus says Russia's invasion of Ukraine has helped to make "NATO great again."

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been, by most measures, an abject failure.

After nearly a month, Vladimir Putin’s vaunted military has failed to accomplish any of his major objectives.

Ukrainian resolve, meanwhile, shows no signs weakening.

It has been a personal, political and military embarrassment for Putin.

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Putin, however, has succeeded in doing one thing — he’s helped to strengthen the ties that bind the United States and its western European allies.

Thank you, Vladimir.

Repairing the damage done by Trump: It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump was no big fan of the North American Treaty Organization.

His administration had strained relations — to put it mildly — with many of our western allies.

Trump believed our NATO partners did not hold up their end of the bargain when it came to supporting the alliance — both financially and militarily.

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To a degree, Trump was right. Our NATO partners did need to step up.

Trump, however, went over the top in his constant denigration of our NATO partners, serving to weaken an alliance that has long served as a bulwark of democracy.

He even threatened to leave NATO.

Our partners had reason to doubt America: Given Trump's words and actions, our NATO allies had every reason to view America as a waning power on the world stage — and a nation that no longer had the stomach to be a reliable partner in the alliance.

Trump, meanwhile, seemed to have a bromance with Putin — a despot in every sense of the word, but also a man that Trump went out of his way to praise at nearly every opportunity.

After four years of Trump and his "America First" policy, it’s no wonder Putin felt emboldened to invade Ukraine. He probably assumed that the once-powerful NATO alliance was too fractured by the damage done during the Trump presidency to be a real threat.

Putin, thankfully, was wrong.

Praise from Petraeus: In fact, one of America’s best-known military figures, former Gen. David Petraeus, recently made a rather remarkable statement about NATO and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"If anything, instead of making Russia great again, what Putin has done is to make NATO great again," Petraeus said.

The former Central Intelligence Agency director also went on to praise President Joe Biden for the way he has acted, arm-in-arm every step of the way, with our allies.

The western allies have made a concerted effort to thwart Putin in most every way imaginable, without taking the final drastic step of direct NATO military intervention, which could open the door to World War III.

"I think that the Biden administration has performed impressively,” Petraeus said.

It should be noted that Petraeus is no shill for Biden. In fact, he was quite critical of the president’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he called “premature.”

Our allies have stepped up: Our allies have stepped up, too.

Germany, at first, only committed to send helmets to the Ukraine, but later agreed to send lethal weapons.

The European Union also agreed to send 500 million euros' worth of military and other aid to Ukraine.  

Petraeus described those actions, and others by our allies, as “revolutionary policy changes,” in the most positive sense of that word.

 So, thank your Vladimir.

You’ve accomplished something that seemed impossible during the Trump administration.

You’ve helped “to make NATO great again.”