Let's be clear: Central York has bigger problems than coloring books.

York Dispatch Editorial Board

Veronica Gemma lost her bid for the Central York school board last week, but her campaign of misinformation, misdirection and bigotry continues.

On Monday night, she basked in the limelight once more to demand an investigation of the district's ban on teaching materials, largely by people of color.

In a series of less-than-coherent public remarks, she alternately defended the ban, denied its existence and accused colleagues of interfering with its execution.

Books from Central York School District's banned resources list are organized at the home of Hannah Shipley (not pictured) in West Manchester Township, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021. Dawn J. Sagert photo

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She trotted out so many talking points — invoking everything from Ben Carson to in-line edits — it was difficult to follow her logic.

Quite frankly, we're in awe of her energy.

Bless board President Jane Johnson, who — it must be noted — is not blameless in the book ban affair, either, but at least had the good sense to say "enough is enough."

Johnson tolerated Gemma's theatrics for a while.

Then she cut her fellow board member off at the knees.

"We could have easily had this on the agenda," Johnson said. "Instead, we're sitting here with no information except what you have in your folder — which I requested a week ago."

Apparently, Gemma had been sharing her conspiracy theories with Johnson via email before the meeting. But Gemma apparently failed to provide any actual justification for the kind of investigation that she contends will prove... well...

It's not entirely clear what Gemma is trying to prove.

Veronica Gemma

Gemma's comments are available on the district's video recording of the meeting. If you can make sense of her circular logic, please translate it for us.

As one schoolteacher told Gemma at the meeting: "I'm not sure you understand how a Google Doc works."

While you're parsing Gemma's arguments, we encourage you to keep listening because Central York has more problems than a book ban. The district, like most across the state, faces real challenges: COVID mitigation and math curriculum and substitute teacher shortages.

Yes, the book ban was a stupid, racist thing the school board did last fall that's haunted them for more than a year. But life goes on — at least for everyone except Gemma and her compatriots.

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If Gemma paused to reflect on her actions over the past year, maybe she'd see this.

Maybe she'd awaken to the absurd folly of banning coloring books and Oscar-nominated documentaries.

Maybe she'd understand that continuing this witch hunt is a waste of time and energy and probably money, too — that is, if the school board agreed to pursue this half-baked internal investigation.

Maybe she'd find a constructive outlet for all the effort she's poured into this ban. Maybe she could even help solve some of the district's real challenges.

Gemma might have lost the election, but there's always the Parent Teacher Organization and plenty of volunteer opportunities, too.