EDITORIAL: It's Election Day, so remember to be nice, be respectful and be a voter

  • Tuesday is Election Day.
  • The presidential race features Democrat Joe Biden vs. Republican incumbent Donald Trump.
  • There are also a number of state and local offices at stake on Tuesday.
Tuesday is Election Day.

Don’t take anything for granted on Tuesday.

Don’t believe the polls that are saying this presidential election has already been decided by the legions of early voters.

Don’t believe the naysayers, who claim that neither presidential candidate is worth your vote.

Most especially, don’t believe that nagging little voice inside your head that says your single vote won’t make a difference.

After all, polls are often wrong. Anyone remember 2016? If they were right, Hillary Clinton would’ve been our president for the past four years.

Here's what York County residents need to know ahead of Election Day

Also, while both presidential candidates are far from perfect, they do offer us a distinct choice, both in personality and policy. The winner will largely determine what kind of nation we will live in for the next four years.

Finally, while this election almost certainly will not be decided by one single vote, it does promise to be a very close contest, especially here in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a few hundred votes in our commonwealth could decide who sits in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come Jan. 20.

If that happens, how will you feel if you sat out this pivotal election?

Other races: And we haven’t even yet talked about the congressional, state and local races on Tuesday’s ballot.

This election is not just about who is going to become president.

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In fact, a strong argument can be made that the local races are just as important — maybe even more important — than the presidential race. In many ways, the local and state elected officials can have a larger impact on your daily life than the president.

Please vote: So, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a bit at stake on Tuesday. You need to make sure your voice is heard.

If you haven't voted already, please vote, even if you have to stand in a long line and endure a long wait. It’s just that important.

The weather, thankfully, looks like it’s going to cooperate. The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with a high in the mid-50s and zero chance chance of rain.

So, you really have no excuse for sitting on your hands while you let others determine the fate of your country.

Be nice: And when you do vote, make a concerted effort to be nice.

There’s just not enough simple human decency these days.

If you’re a Trump voter and you see someone with a Biden button, make a concerted effort to tell that person: “Hey, I may not agree with your presidential choice, but I’m glad you came out to vote. I appreciate your commitment to our democratic system.”

If you’re a Biden voter and you see someone with “Make American Great Again” hat, do the same.

York County's DA, top police officials urge Election Day civility and respect in PSA video

Not every political discussion needs to end with an angry confrontation and hard feelings.

It’s really not that difficualt. Just because you are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, it doesn’t mean you must be personal enemies.

Show respect: A little mutual respect can go a long way, and it’s always important to remember that we have more in common than we can ever imagine.

So, let’s try to make this Election Day a celebration of our republic and not a requiem for the end of civility in our times.

Respect your fellow voters of all persuasions, respect the poll workers and respect the process.

And, most of all, please vote.