EDITORIAL: Need more than an 'honor system'

The Dispatch Editorial Board
Rep. Seth Grove (R-York), left, is joined by state Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York Township) and other lawmakers at the Capitol rotunda as Grove and Attorney General Josh Shapiro introduced a package of bills designed to curb Medicaid fraud Monday, January 13, 2020. The press conference took place in the Capitol rotunda. Bill Kalina photo

Thumbs up to state Rep. Seth Grove, who's looking to do right by taxpayers and end wasteful spending within state agencies.

Grove, R-Dover, admitted to SpotlightPA that he was frustrated after learning that the Office of State Inspector General spent $160,000 on firearms that its agents aren't even permitted to use.

The IG's office got away with the waste thanks to what he called an honor system, under which executive agencies are supposed to report any expenses exceeding $5,000 to the state' Treasury Department's website.

The state Senate is considering legislation that would compel agencies to disclose spending and do away with the anachronistic honor system. The House approved the move within a broader package this past summer.

Grove, chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, is calling on the upper chamber to follow the House and mandate agencies to report expenses transparently.

Taxpayers are entitled to know how their money is spent. And Grove's campaign would be a win for the public's right to know. 

Thumbs down to York County officials who this past week refused to release details about an alleged policy barring the public from taking photographs from a public sidewalk.

County officials swear up and down that such a policy exists. And they contend that it's a necessary security precaution worthy of restricting citizen's First Amendment Rights.

Yet they've refused to release the document.

Unfortunately, we weren't surprised. More and more, it seems York County's default position is to block access and shut the public out. 

Thumbs up to Siba, a 3-year-old standard female poodle that won Best in Show Tuesday night at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show in New York City.

The poodle was trained at Lakeside Pet Resort at Codorus Park in Penn Township. Chrystal Clas, who operates the facility with her husband, Paul, is the dog's handler.