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EDITORIAL: York woman 'inspiring' to folks of every shape, size

York Dispatch
  • York's Rebecca Wattenschaidt is on the cover of September's Redbook Magazine.
  • She was a winner in the fourth annual Real Women Style Awards.
  • Wattenschaidt owns Elizabeth & West Fashion House in York City.

The word “inspiring” is sometimes thrown about a little too liberally.

When used too often, the word’s true meaning can get lost.

Occasionally, however, it is the simply the best word to describe someone.

Business owner Rebecca Wattenschaidt, 35, of Manchester Township, is shown at Elizabeth & West Fashion House, her clothing boutique, in York City, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017. Wattenschaidt was recently chosen as one six recipients of Redbook's Real Women Style Awards. Dawn J. Sagert photo

York’s Rebecca Wattenschaidt seems to embody the very definition of the word.

She is “inspiring” to women, of all shapes and sizes, in York County and beyond.

Actually, she’s also “inspiring” to any man who has a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter.

For those who haven’t heard, Wattenschaidt is featured on the cover of the September issue of Redbook Magazine.

The 35-year-old York County  fashion blogger  was selected as a winner of the fourth annual Real Women Style Awards.

She was selected by Redbook editors, alongside some celebrity judges.

According to Redbook, six "fashionistas were handpicked in a nationwide search to celebrate authentic, fashion-forward women with real bodies and real budgets."

York native Rebecca Wattenschaidt (right) is a winner of Redbook Magazine's fourth annual Real Women Style Awards. Submitted/photo

Wattenschaidt — the owner and operator of Elizabeth & West Fashion House in York City and author of the Mommy in Heels blog — seems to perfectly fit the criteria.

The program is a smart and profitable way to look at, and promote, fashion.

After all, most of the women who buy clothes in America don’t look like fashion models who wear size 4 dresses.

Wattenschaidt believes women of all sizes deserve to look and feel their best. For her, fashion is not about being superficial or conceited. It’s about feeling good about yourself.

The York mother, wife and businesswoman is a big proponent of positive body image, for women of every size.

She deservedly received the VIP treatment during a 12-hour professional photo shoot in New York City.

York business owner graces cover of Redbook Magazine, wins style award

Wattenschaidt felt the award was a “validation” of her twin passions of blogging and fashion.

“Sometimes you feel you get lost in the shuffle,” she said. “... I’ve been working so hard at my blog, business and brand, and at that moment (when she learned she won), I felt like all of my hard work was paying off and it was worth it.”

Meredith Rollins, the Redbook editor-in-chief, said the women who won the honor, Wattenschaidt included, should be celebrated.

"They bring the focus to women who don't have million-dollar bank accounts but still look super-chic and confident,” Rollins said. “It's inspiring. It's joyful. And it gives every woman permission to dress the way they feel most beautiful."

There’s that word again – “inspiring.”

You don’t have to be a “fashionista” to understand that “inspiring” women come in all shapes and sizes, whether they live in York or New York.

Wattenschaidt has proven that point.