EDITORIAL: Wonder Women

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"Wonder Woman" is an extraordinary movie.

Yes, it's the first movie about a female superhero. And it was directed by a woman. And it's far exceeded anticipated ticket sales ($103 million opening weekend), and it's drawn raves from critics and audience members alike. 

But it's more than that.

"Wonder Woman" shows women as fierce warriors. And that has many women in tears, crying at battle sequences.

Chris Pine, left, and Gal Gadot in a scene from "Wonder Woman." The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, opens June 2.

For decades, women have been trying to live up to the "superwoman" myth. They have careers, they have families, they have homes. They come home from a long day of work to start the second shift: child care, cooking, laundry, cleaning. 

Why I cried through all the fight scenes in 'Wonder Woman'

But at the movies, nearly all the superheroes were men. Sure, Black Widow is a key member of The Avengers, and Batgirl showed up in one of the early "Batman" movies, and some of the X-Men are actually X-Women.

But when it came time to focus on one character for a whole movie, it was always the guys. "Captain America." "Iron Man." "Batman v Superman."

In "Guardians of the Galaxy," there's more buzz about a CGI dancing tree than Gamora, aka Zoe Saldana, with lots of makeup.

But "Wonder Woman" changes that. One of the first scenes in the movie shows women training for battle. Not women with super powers, not aliens, not women who have been threatened. Ordinary women training their bodies to do extraordinary tasks, again and again, because soon, they will put those skills to use, and while some will die, they will win.

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And that's when many women started to feel the tears coming.

By the time Diana Prince makes it to No Man's Land, women were wiping their eyes again, watching as Diana listens to all the men telling her she can't climb out of the trench and save a town, and then tearing up as she does it anyway, deflecting bullets with bracelets, leaning into machine-gun fire with her shield while the men realize what's going on and follow her to do what they said couldn't be done and save that town.

Gal Gadot in a scene from "Wonder Woman." The film opens Thursday at Regal West Manchester Stadium 13, Frank Theatres Queensgate Stadium 13 and R/C Hanover Movies.

Director Patty Jenkins had to fight to include that scene in the movie.

"I think to some of the people I was working with it was confusing. 'Who's she fighting?' (But) it's not about that, it's about her," Jenkins said.

Women get it. And not just women in the movies, women in real life face extraordinary challenges and meet them.

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"Wonder Woman" has perfect timing. The movie is letting women in its audience see that they, too, can be superheroes, they can rise above expectations, they don't have to listen when people say no.

"Wonder Woman" is showing women everywhere that they can be superheroes. Not Wonder Woman, Wonder Women.