EDITORIAL: A day in the spotlight for cancer recovery patients

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  • Revolution attempts to set Guinness record. Want to help?
  • Phone scammers target seniors.

Thumbs Up: To the volunteers who made the Cancer Recovery Photo Shoot a big success.

Meghan Harman, 10, of Baltimore, Maryland, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2015, during the Cancer Recovery Glam Photo Shoot at Lauxmont Farms in Wrightsville, Sunday, March 5, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Here’s the concept: Professional photographers and makeup artists gather for a two-day portrait session for young people in various stages of their battles with cancer.

“The purpose of this photo shoot is for these kids and families to be able to celebrate and document their recovery process — their child’s journey through this,” organizer Jennifer Sitler said.

The setting was beautiful — Lauxmont Farms overlooking the Susquehanna River. And the early March weather was perfect.

About 20 recovery patients younger than 20 attended and were rewarded with some top-notched images of themselves. The 12 volunteer photographers brought their top gear — lighting, cameras, computers — to make the images.

It was an opportunity for the cancer patients to put their struggles on the back burner for a day.

“I could just see it light up on her face — she felt great out there,” Baltimore resident Tara Harman said of her 10-year-old daughter, Meghan. “I don’t think she was thinking about cancer at all.”

Capturing cancer recovery through a weekend of photos

The resulting photos hopefully served as a morale and confidence builder for the patients.

Thumbs Up: The York Revolution hosts some interesting, if quirky, events at the ballpark. We think this one coming on opening day is pretty neat — and it should only take a minute or so.

The team is trying to get at least 1,000 musicians together to perform the national anthem before the game.

Revs logo

Think about that.

A sax player next to a djembe player. A senior citizen next to a senior in high school. A bluesman next to a violinist.

That will be a great way to unify and pay tribute to the talented musicians in the area. And it’s all being documented for a stab at a Guinness Book world record.

Rev season includes Super Bowl champ, world record attempt

"This is another chance to put York in the history books," said Doug Eppler, the Revolution's director of marketing and communication.

Michael S. Reichman — flutist, conductor and general manager of the York Symphony Orchestra — will conduct.

Do you play or sing? Consider being part of this historic minute or so.

For more information and to sign up, go to http://yorkrevolution.com/worldrecord/.

Thumbs Down: To scammers who are trying to trick seniors into sending them money.

And they’re pretty sly about it.

logo phone

Scammers are calling seniors claiming to be a family member in trouble and begging them to wire them money. In making these “family-emergency” calls, they’ll sometimes convincingly impersonate the target's loved one's voice, having researched it on social media.

They’ll make calls in the middle of night to confuse targets.

Seniors - beware family-emergency phone scams

The York County Elder Abuse Task Force, which tries to educate seniors about financial fraud, is warning seniors of the scam. It suggests seniors verify caller’s identities by asking questions only that family member could answer, among other things.

Anyone with questions can call York County chief deputy prosecutor Dave Sunday or assistant district attorney Alison Glunt at 717-771-9600.