EDITORIAL: Speak up, Mr. Trump

The York Dispatch
  • Trump should condemn racism in his name.

President-elect Donald J. …

York County School of Technology student Victorria Markle, wants the school to address racial bullying that has come to light after a video of two students carrying a Trump sign through the halls surfaced, Thursday November 10, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Sorry, we're still having trouble saying it, much less believing it.

… President-elect Donald J. Trump campaigned as a vulgar, ignorant bigot, and on Tuesday he lost the popular vote.

Still, he will become the 45th president of the United States in January.

It’s an amazing accomplishment, really. Only four other men have claimed America’s highest office despite the wishes of most voters, thanks to the anachronistic Electoral College.

Trump did it by taking campaigning to a new low, demonizing or belittling entire demographics and torching whatever remained of civility in our politics.

He did it thanks to ”good people” who stayed silent and “good people” who held their noses, threw out decorum, intellect and caution and voted for “the lesser of two evils.”


Gov. Wolf condemns 'overt racism' at York Tech, other schools

God help us, we’re going to find out.

And if Trump can say whatever offensive thing that comes into his head, why can’t his followers?

Even before the election, we saw Trump supporters spouting offensive, racist views. It seemed they were emboldened throughout his improbable run.

We’re seeing it still, and according to some it’s worse than before the election.

Minority students at the York County School of Technology last week said there has been racial tension over the years, but it got worse during the election.

Schools across county react to Vo-Tech racism

It came to an ugly head Wednesday, the day after Trump’s win, when some students were recorded marching a Trump sign down the hallway while someone yelled “white power.”

Similar stories have been reported across the country.

It’s no wonder the KKK is planning a Trump victory rally in North Carolina, and it’s no surprise thousands of other Americans have been protesting in the streets since Tuesday.

We think it’s safe to say Trump is the most divisive American in modern U.S. history.

If he even cares to unite our country — and lead all of us, not just the minority who voted for him — Trump should quickly speak out against the intolerant behavior done in response to his demagoguery.

Give him his famous Twitter account back, if only to start repairing the damage he’s done, 140 characters at a time.

It won’t make “President Trump” roll off the tongue, but it may signal to his enthusiastic followers that he condemns the hate crimes committed — some of them by school children — in his name.