EDITORIAL: Parents honor Ashlyn

York Dispatch

In the face of a terrible tragedy, local parents Scott and Karen Stambaugh have found the strength to reach beyond their grief and give to others in the name of their daughter, Ashlyn Stambaugh.

Ashlyn was involved a fatal car crash this past week, and she died Sunday. Her parents believe she may have been texting while driving and so, even as they grieve, they are reaching out to let others know how dangerous texting and driving can be.

They are utilizing Ashlyn's social media accounts and spoke to reporter Sean Cotter in the hopes of getting the message out.

We believe this is an amazing feat of strength in what must be some of Scott and Karen's darkest days. We think they deserve our prayers and our deepest gratitude for their selflessness.

That's not the end of their generosity.

Ashlyn's parents also have made the decision to donate her organs so that others may have chances to live full lives, thanks to their daughter.

Ashlyn's signature blue eyes were on her parents' mind this week. Ashlyn's mother said the recipient "best appreciate those beautiful blue eyes." Her dad was thinking that maybe someday someone once again "will look through those beautiful blue eyes ..."

We are fortunate to be able to see Ashlyn through her parents' and friends' eyes. We have come to know of a young woman whose zest for life brought happiness to many.

When tragedy strikes, we have a choice. We can harbor anger and resentment and close ourselves off from the world. But that doesn't honor the memory of those lost. It doesn't do anything to help others, and it certainly doesn't provide a good space for healing.

Karen and Scott Stambaugh made the choice to open their hearts and give. We admire their strength and the graceful way they honor their daughter's life.