Race for Peace Committee aims to lift up local communities

Alim Howell
The Race for Peace Committee.

This letter is to inform York County about our organization. The Race for Peace Committee is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It was formed in 2016 to enrich the lives of residents in all communities through programs, resources and activities for the family that help us reach an understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

The main goals are having ongoing and continuous dialogue with communities and the police; mentoring youth; working with police and seniors; developing incentive programs that will help to promote peace; annually visiting prisons; ending violence and bringing peace to all communities in our region and our country; creating peace and harmonious relations between police and members of communities; and promoting excellence in police officer training.

The Race for Peace Committee logo.

The vision for the Race for Peace Committee is to educate about, circumvent and eradicate racism, violence and discrimination globally. The mission for Race for Peace is to revitalize the community through enrichment and outreach programs in every community and to maintain a collective voice and sharing of ideas — creating an atmosphere of peace that encourages good citizenship.

The Race for Peace Committee’s purpose is to strive to create enthusiasm in community members — seeing through their eyes, understanding their needs and delivering more than they expect. It does this by delivering reachable goals and solutions that support peace through the community.

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— Alim Howell is an advocated and organizer for The Race for Peace Committee.