OP-ED: Stand with poll workers and send a message to Mastriano

Chad Baker
Democratic Party of York County

It was announced yesterday that state Sen. Doug Mastriano is moving forward with plans for a forensic audit of the 2020 and 2021 elections. His committee has requested materials from several counties, including York, and he has further threatened to subpoena the counties to get this information if they do not comply.

Leading up to and after the 2016 election, there was widespread concern about election tampering and outside influence. Agencies like the FBI, CIA, etc., all warned of outside influence before the election, with many of the agencies indicating, in fact, there were foreign actors who played a role in influencing the outcome after the election.

President Trump, the GOP-led Congress, the GOP-led Senate, the GOP-led Pennsylvania House, and the GOP-led PA Senate did NOTHING to investigate these claims, nor did they question the authenticity of the votes that were cast. Not once did a member of the GOP delegation at any level demand a forensic audit of the results.

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Now we are hearing, if Democrats want to put the doubt of the 2020 election to bed once and for all, we should be more than happy to also request a forensic audit. We shouldn't be refusing the idea of an audit, we should be embracing it. 

President Trump and the GOP have established the precedent for how an election in question should be handled. Deny, ignore and forget.

I, for one, trust our poll workers, our boards of elections and our departments of state throughout the country. The individuals and leaders in these positions are both Republican and Democrat. When I hear the Republican secretary of state from another state indicate the elections were fair and not rigged in anyway, I believe them. When I hear the Democratic officials say the same thing, I believe them as well. Some may say this is naive. I say this is trusting in the officials placed in these roles.

Officials and cabinet members in President Trump's own administration indicated these elections were fair and there was no outside tampering. But, just as a petulant child would do, they are now throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted.

Sen. Mastriano's call for a forensic audit is nothing more than a toddler seeking the approval of their parent by doing everything they ask of them. Mastriano called for the audit in Pennsylvania after Trump called for the audit. We know Mastriano is running for higher office and we know he and others of his own party have already declared they want the support of the former president.

The 2020 election was over long ago and Sen. Mastriano needs to accept this. He needs to recognize he won his election but the top of the ticket just couldn't pull it off. At some point in time, he needs to realize it's time to move on.

That said, I urge the commissioners in York County to deny Mastriano's request. Demonstrate the conviction to stand behind your Board of Elections and more importantly, your poll workers who put their lives on the line last year to help insure fair elections occurred. Send a message to Sen. Mastriano that you stand behind the people who did the work and you stand behind the people of York County who cast their votes.

— Chad Baker is chairman of the Democratic Party of York County.