LETTER: York GOP flyer aims to intimidate

Judith Higgins
Democratic candidate for County Commissioner
A York County GOP flyer.

This is the flyer that was distributed by the York Republican Party during the Hanover Dutch Days in 2019. It was openly displayed and is an unacceptable attempt to frighten people. There are many who I have spoken to who were very concerned about this flyer, particularly after the weekend of shootings.

York has a reputation for being racially unwelcoming and discriminatory. If we ever wish to lift our county out of the economic slump that pervades the area, we need to ensure that these kinds of messages are not spread.This flyer is intended to scare people, to intimidate, and if it is not called out, what does it say about our county?

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I want to be sure people realize that hate and fear are not acceptable methods of campaigning. If you choose to write your own piece, I am absolutely fine with it. But, in light of the violence we are all reeling from, silence is unacceptable.