OP-ED: County Republican leaders say Chronister shouldn't be face of York GOP

Jeffrey Piccola and Rebecca H. Ream
York County Republican Committee

On Tuesday, May 21, York County voters will head to the polls to cast their votes for several county-elected officials, and at the top of the ticket will be candidates for the York County Board of Commissioners.

Republican voters will have the choice between five candidates, of which they may choose two, to represent the party in the general election in November. One of those candidates is former York County President Commissioner, Steve Chronister.

Mr. Chronister is perhaps most famously known for his confrontation with the “Grandview 5” last spring. However, the videotapes and recordings, the abundance of unanswered questions and the national headlines are not the only things he would bring to the office of county commissioner.

He would also bring with him millions of dollars in debt and tax liens. According to a local news report, citing York County court records, Mr. Chronister has more than $1.8 million in judgments filed against him. He will also bring with him a history of not paying his taxes, including a county tax lien totaling $11,658, his foreclosed home and multiple failed business ventures.

Steve Chronister, above, whose family recently purchased Grandview Golf Club, was the driving force behind the decision to change the name of the Grandview 4-Ball Tourament to the Bob Little Match Play Championship. The new name honors the longtime Grandview owner.

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Mr. Chronister would also bring with him his record of raising county taxes. In December 2015, just prior to leaving office after losing his re-election bid, then President Commissioner Chronister led the charge on a 14% tax increase.

One of the many reasons that we choose to be active and engaged members of the Republican party is because we firmly believe in a limited government that practices fiscal responsibility. Therefore, we believe it is necessary for us, as engaged and educated voters, to elect individuals who have demonstrated that same kind of fiscal responsibility in their personal and professional lives, so we can be confident that it will transcend into their elected positions.

How can we expect Mr. Chronister to properly and responsibly manage the tax dollars of York County citizens, when he himself has failed at managing his own finances?

In this current era of constant scrutiny against our party, our beliefs and our president, the local Republican party can’t afford to elect someone who is already seen in a negative light by a respectable portion of our citizens. Simply stated, Mr. Chronister comes with too much negative baggage to be an effective county leader and the face of our county government. To nominate Mr. Chronister to be one of the Republican candidates for the November election would be a disservice to our party, supporters, volunteers and to all the citizens of York County.