OPED: President Mike Pence is coming

Dick Brown, Mt. Gretna

Chaos reigns in the United States and presidential adviser Steve Bannon could not be happier. Historically, people have demonstrated that they prefer stability over chaos even if it means tolerating leadership that is authoritarian or even dictatorial. Bannon, the chief adviser to President Donald Trump has done a mind-meld with the president; and they appear to be working from the same playbook.

Richard M. Brown

Trump lives in the "Me, Myself and I" world where only he knows the “truth” and only he can fix it. I am not sure if he considers himself to be god or simply Emperor Trump. In my opinion Trump's erratic behavior is due to an attention deficit disorder that he suffers from. He is mentally handicapped and is easily manipulated by those close to him.

Bannon is a fairly skilled tactician and he is using the fears expressed by Trump and his supporters to move the country toward a more nationalistic society. Bannon seems to think that he can manipulate the president to continue creating chaos and fear to the point where the federal government will move toward a more authoritarian rule. Unfortunately, our president does not appear to understand our Constitutional democracy and might actually welcome complete control.

The president is becoming a sideshow to some people. Even some who support him, are treating him like a joke. If you are handicapped, the last thing you want, is to be ridiculed for your shortcomings. This has to hurt and may be behind his constant need to lash out and refusal to apologize for mistakes he makes. When his colleagues say "Donald will be Donald" in response to a tweet or comment, it is not a compliment.

The president's continued use of Twitter to attack people, events or even other countries is negative, diminishes the stature of the presidency and limits his success. He should stop using Twitter, but seems blissfully ignorant to the chaos he creates with his behavior and no one seems to have the courage to really confront him for fear they will hear those famous words: "You're fired."

I do not believe Trump will complete his first term.

He is 70 years old and we know nothing about his health. Trump is a very bright person, but he is definitely handicapped in his social and educational and that is limiting his success as president. His father died of Alzheimer’s disease, so memory loss has to be a concern for him going forward. He is already showing the stress of the office and he has been president for only a short time. I believe deteriorating mental and physical health will be the most likely causes for Trump to not finish his term.

The other causes for an early exit for Trump are all related to Russia and his finances. His lack of transparency and honesty about these issues sets him up for all kinds of potential charges.

So if Trump leaves the presidency, we get Mike Pence as our president. Pence is an Evangelical Christian and he is probably more polarizing than Trump but he appears to be sane and he has governing experience. His political views are a concern for me, but I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer to have a president who is sane and speaks to god, rather than a person who thinks he is god.

— Richard M. Brown is a resident of Mt. Gretna.