LETTER: Thou shalt not ... vote irresponsibly

By Fred Battles
Chanceford Township

I’ve never understood the vicious animosity toward the 10 Commandments. It seems reasonable that our nation’s laws should protect us from thieves, murderers, rapists and liars. I suspect people react to the phrase, “Thou shalt not,” considering it a threat to “my rights!”


For many (too many) months we’ve been subjected to a political race for the office of president; a position of enormous trust and responsibility.

I submit that we should include a guideline for those who wish to vote responsibly: “Thou shalt not elect a liar, a thief, one who approves of murder, or exhibits questionable morals.” Would those measurements narrow the choices for us?

If we are to seriously entrust our nation to anyone’s leadership, dare we vote blindly?


Chanceford Township