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EDITORIAL: Don't vote only by capital letters

York Dispatch

They make it so easy.

You walk into your polling place, sign in, chat with the poll workers, get a computer card, go to the computer with a privacy screen and put your card in the slot.

And one of the first screens to come up has this heading: Straight party.

One little check, and you could be done. Just vote for every Republican, or every Democrat, or every Libertarian, Independent, even every candidate with no affiliation.

No thinking involved at all. Whoever has the right letter behind their name gets your vote.

But let's think for a minute. That's not the brightest way to choose someone to lead any part of the community. There's lot more to any candidate than that one letter behind his or her name.

Just because you have the same letter behind your name, it doesn't necessarily mean you have the same values and priorities as that candidate.

Face it, there are probably people in your family who don't share your values and priorities, and you share the same name.

Yes, many people in York County will only click the one arrow in Tuesday's election. Many votes will be cast for either every Republican or every Democrat, regardless of any other trait.

But if you're one of the 18 percent or 19 percent of York County's registered voters expected to actually make it to the polls for Tuesday's municipal election, do a little research before you go.

Find out who's going to be on your ballot by going to yorkpa.gov/voting-elections and clicking through to the sample ballot for your polling place. There are lots of school board seats and borough, township and city offices to be decided, as well as county and state races.

Check out yorkdispatch.com/vote2015 for our coverage of the election, including questions and answers from the five candidates for county commissioner.

Decide who you agree with, and go press a lot of buttons on that computer.

Make your vote count.