EDITORIAL: York County Dem's bygone bylaws be gone

York Dispatch

Well, that was awkward.

This week the York County Democrats ran up against an anachronistic law that ensured only males could run for the chairman seat being vacated by Bob Kefauver.

Kefauver in June announced his resignation due to health concerns.

The state and local Democratic parties' bylaws have a rule known as the gender balance rule that was put in place back when men held most of the leadership positions.

It was actually meant to prevent this kind of exclusion of women from party leadership roles.

Seems the gender balance rule is out of whack.

Because Kefauver is a male and the vice chair is a female, the state party has enforced the rule that says the new chair must be a man.

This is an incredibly outdated — and clearly misguided — bylaw that needs to be removed.

Diane Bownman, executive director of the state party, should have leadership take a look at this bylaw — and any others that may not be functioning as intended — and clear up the red tape that takes gender into account in this way.

Shouldn't these party elections produce the best leader, no matter if it is a man or a woman?

And listen, the Democratic party is always looking — or should be — to increase its ranks through inclusion. It can use all the membership support it can get in this region of the state.

Let's not let old bylaws that clearly don't work as intended deter future talent from getting involved in the Democratic party.