EDITORIAL: York County Dems' unforced error

York Dispatch

After the May primary, we noted York County Republicans' advantage over Democrats in voter registration isn't insurmountable.

When so few registered voters — 17 percent — actually bother to cast ballots, the Democrats just need to do a better job motivating their followers to blunt the GOP's 129,710-to-95,907 edge.

A strong get-out-the-vote effort could help them get candidates elected outside of their York City stronghold, we noted.

First, however, it seems the Democratic Party of York County needs some self-motivation.

The local committee met last week to elect a new chairperson to replace Bob Kefauver, who in June announced his resignation due to health reasons.

Unfortunately, the meeting drew only 50 committee members — 12 short of the quorum needed to elect a new chair.

Kefauver, who has pledged to continue serving until his replacement is selected, played down the disappointing turnout, saying some committee members didn't attend because they were out of town on vacation.

That's why Democrats don't usually hold meetings in July, he said.

OK ... so why did they schedule this one?

Why risk even the appearance that the Democrats' most loyal can't be bothered to elect a new leader?

That's hardly the message the party at large in York County needs to hear right now.

It seems like this was a PR blunder, easily foreseeable and avoidable — and just the type of error local Dems can't afford to make.