EDITORIAL: Good People. Good News

York Dispatch

We hear it all the time.

"Why don't you guys ever write about any good news?"

Well, we do. We always have.

The only difference is that we've started labeling it as such, and we've created a special home for it on our website. Now that we have, it's amazing to see just how much "good news" we share about York County and its people.

Having a bad day? Check out

Want to read about a clinical pharmacist at York Hospital who gave her kidney to an old friend, and now they've joined a York triathlon as the team "We Kid-ney Not?"

We wrote that.

Want to read about a York City bartender who quit smoking and used one year's worth of savings — $5 per day, stashed in a fish bowl — to buy a car?

You read that here.

How about adorable ducklings saved from a storm drain, complete with a cute picture of a York County girl holding the box full of little quackers?

Yup, we were there.

These and other stories are those you'll read under the logo "Good People, Good News" in print, and in the above-mentioned section on our website. We'll keep cranking them out. We hope you continue reading them.

York has its share of unnecessary violence and tragedy, and it's our jobs to report those.

But it's also our jobs to show the full picture, and that includes a community of Good People and Good News.