EDITORIAL: Nice reflexes, ambulance driver

York Dispatch

Thumbs up: We've seen the dash-cam video, and we're impressed.

A White Rose Ambulance driver was transporting a patient just after midnight Friday on South Queen Street in York Township when oncoming headlights appeared in her southbound lane.

There were only seconds to react, but the ambulance driver managed to swerve to the left and avoid a head-on collision with the wrong-way driver.

Instead, the Honda Civic struck the front passenger side of the ambulance.

The rig driver — whose name has not been released — a second EMT in the ambulance, their adult female patient and the 36-year-old man who was driving the Honda were treated for injuries — but one only needs to watch the video to know it could have been much worse.

Thumbs down: Just to clarify: When we encourage people to get involved in political campaigns, we don't mean sneaking around, stealing candidates' signs, as at least one person seems to have done in Hellam Township.

That's theft, and while it's not likely to help anyone get elected, it could get the culprit arrested if he's ever identified.

By all means, tout your favorite candidate — but don't touch the opponent's signs.

Thumbs up: To the parents and teachers of students at Devers K-8 in York City who are redoubling efforts to broaden the children's education.

The parent-teacher organization will host a day of food and bounce houses Saturday to raise money for field trips and other academic programs that have been difficult to afford recently.

The first May Day event featuring games, food vendors and bounce houses is scheduled for noon to 4 p.m. at the school, 801 Chanceford Ave.