EDITORIAL: Punishment for gluttons

York Dispatch

When we first heard about the plans for a 7th Inning Stretch Marks Challenge at Santander Stadium, there were two simultaneous and distinct reactions:

"That's so cool," and (gasp) "Shame on them!"

We've made ourselves accomplices in this chowhoundery — putting the contest on the front page, twice — but we did so with the same guilt and post-indulgence stomachache that the contestants felt after Monday night's stuffing.

So we want to take this opportunity to state the obvious: One doesn't have to look very far for a report — or an example — showing that York County has a problem with obesity.

People shouldn't overeat, despite the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of overfeeding the young.

But boy, that sure looked like fun.

The point of the team's challenge was to reward the York Revolution fans who were most steadfast in gorging themselves with inning after inning of artery-clogging, blood-pressure-elevating foods.

No matter how fun that sounds, we need to mention that this sort of a diet gives one Type 2 diabetes, not a Major League Baseball contract.

Anyone who doubts the depth of the post-consumption insulin dump should watch the video on our website, which shows winner Jacob Caralle's eyes growing heavy as the sickening foods keep coming. He looks drunk from eating, and that's both funny and ... disturbing, for an event that featured barf buckets.

Carelle is a 17-year-old boy, for any parents out there who wonder where the groceries go.

He made it past the giant hot dog, the pizza, the french fries, the pudding-soaked funnel cake and other anomalies before getting stuck on the 8-pound, 18-inch burrito. Nobody took on the gigantic bacon cheeseburger with Maple Donuts as buns.

It's good to know there's at least one circumstance in which a Yorker could turn down that combo.