EDITORIAL: This rose doesn't stink

York Dispatch

We were as dismayed as anyone to learn from Dispatch columnist Christina Kauffman that our reputation on the Internet stinks.

ICYMI (in case you missed it, in Internet-speak), Kauffman's debut column "Chris Crossing York" broke the unpleasant news that if you do a Google search and ask "Why does York PA ...," the search will auto-fill your request with the words "smell" and "stink."

Similarly, if you type "Why is York PA ...," the search will complete the sentence with "so dangerous."

This can only mean one thing. The White Rose City — the entire county, actually — has a cyber image problem. York's reputation is in the hands of misinformed Web surfers. And we must immediately take back our county's reputation on the Internet.

We urge our readers to spread the word.

On Twitter, the hashtag is #unstinkyork.

As far as the search engine goes, we are asking you and your friends and relatives to search for "Why does York PA have so many factory tours?" That will bring up the local tourism site. Search too for "Why is York PA so historic?" That will direct you to the city's site and others that have information on our history.

There are so many unique, fun, interesting and historic things to say about York. It's the factory tour capital of the world, for goodness' sake! The city is full of fun and interesting things to do, from shops to the Central Market to fantastic restaurants and, of course, the Revs.

Its historic cache is evident just by strolling through the streets.

But we don't have to tell you that. You live here. You know how great we are.

Now, please, go online and tell everyone else.