EDITORIAL: Food truck fans

York Dispatch

Thumbs up: To York City Council for voting to legalize and regulate food trucks on city streets, despite a long debate about whether the mobile food units will drive the city's brick-and-mortar restaurants out of business.

First, we share the concern about existing establishments. They've invested in the city by settling in, paying property taxes, and — in some cases — offering local fruits, vegetables and meats in their dishes. We don't think any mobile food truck should replace them, but we also don't think any mobile food truck could replace them.

The food truck experience is infinitely different than what patrons expect at restaurants such as The Left Bank, Brewvino or White Rose. There's no sincere comparison. If customers feel like sitting down and taking their time, they probably won't be buying food from a truck. If they don't feel like sitting down, they probably won't stop at a restaurant.

Let the customers decide.

As for the lunch hour and the Central Market vendors who opposed allowing food trucks to park along West Philadelphia and North Beaver streets, we understand but disagree. Market is also a unique experience. Even the courthouse employees who frequent the market probably have market-fatigue days and pack their lunches. Or they pack because it's one of the four days per week that market isn't open.

The food trucks are likely to attract even more lunchers to the downtown area, not just redirect the same group of people who already lunch downtown every day. One of the most common complaints for city residents and visitors is the operating hours of some downtown stores and restaurants.

There aren't many options for someone leaving the Strand at 10 p.m. on a Saturday, unless they want to sit and eat, so much of that late-night munchy business is probably lost to drive-through franchises. Food trucks could be that option.

Thumbs down: To people who are causing hazards by blocking the road with their vehicles so they can try to catch a glimpse of the eagles nest at Codorus State Park.

This thumbs down also falls into the "We can't believe we have to say this again" category.

There's a Game Commission camera that shows a view right into the nest, so close you can see the bloody carcasses from the eagles' last meal.

If you want to get a closer look, buy a bigger computer monitor.