EDITORIAL: A waste of a law

York Dispatch

Two thumbs down: One goes to York City's administration and the other is for the residents who are throwing trash on sidewalks and other public spaces.

Mayor Kim Bracey said the administration isn't enforcing an ordinance, passed last year, outlining new penalties for the urban litterbugs. Why?

Because it's too expensive to copy the 13-page warning letter and mail it to every first-time violator, and to buy enforcement officers the handheld devices they need to write and issue tickets.

That expense might have to wait until 2016, Bracey told The York Dispatch.

Wow. That's short-sighted.

You know what will cost the city even more? Losing tax-paying residents who care enough to complain and who are fed up with their slovenly neighbors. City residents are already required to have a lot of patience because of the city's money woes, but this is not the Middle Ages and they shouldn't have to tolerate people throwing their slop out their front doors.

The administration and city council need to think outside the box and find some way to fund the enforcement of a rule that they — and the residents lobbying for it — obviously thought was important. City government should've thought of the cost before passing the ordinance, which Bracey introduced and the city council approved.

Now what?

Isn't there some grant the city could apply for, public or private, to pick up the cost? Isn't there some sort of philanthropist willing to step in? Isn't the city represented by a deep-pocketed state senator who just happens to own a trash hauling company? Sure, the city is Democratic and he's a Republican. But clean streets sound like a pretty bipartisan idea.

Thumbs up: To Springettsbury Township for promoting Daniel Stump from lieutenant to chief after former Chief Tom Hyers resigned March 12.

This transition will be made easier because officials promoted someone from within the organization. We wish the new chief the best, and hope he does an outstanding job for one of York's most populous municipalities.