York Dispatch will replace 'Non Sequitur' comic after vulgar Trump shot

York Dispatch
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The comic strip "Non Sequitur" will soon be removed from the pages of The York Dispatch. 

This past Sunday, the strip contained a vulgar shot at President Donald Trump, using language that is unfit for print in these pages. It appeared in newspapers throughout the country — although not in the Dispatch, which doesn't publish in print on Sundays.

The comic's author, Wiley Miller, teased the inflammatory language in a tweet, asking readers if they spotted his "Easter egg" in Sunday's piece. The language was scribbled in the lower right corner of the panel

The firm that syndicates Miller's work has apologized for letting such language slip through.

Even so, we cannot continue to publish his cartoons. 

This decision comes after significant consideration and discussion. Miller's action was a breach of trust built on a shared standard. By offering Sunday's comic, he robbed newspaper editors of editorial decision-making. He made an end-run on the in-house standards that we and our readers expect.

We have begun discussions with our syndication service about a replacement. Our comics pages are created in advance by a vendor, and it could take several days before "Non Sequitur" is removed.